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Armenia's Silk Road: Prologue - Parapsychepathic illusions of Me & Jeremy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Бродяга Дхармы

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Armenia's Silk Road: Prologue [Sep. 23rd, 2013|12:09 pm]
Бродяга Дхармы
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Last year in November I did a trip along the Silk Road of Armenia, hitchhiking over 600 km and crossing the country from the North and to the South. The trip lasted for 9 days, during which me and my French travel partner experienced the hospitality and kindness of Armenian people, visited many a historical places and monasteries, and witnessed how Autumn turned into Winter, then Spring, and back to Winter again, and lovely Autumn one more time. We slept in abandoned houses, monasteries, we were hosted by locals, we spent a night in a tent by the Lake Sevan, but what is more important - we met new friends, creating new connections between people, countries and cultures. Now it's time for me to put my laziness aside to tell you the story called "Hitchhiking Armenia's Silk Road."

Hitchhiking Armenia's Silk Road
Prologue: How it all started

The Idea
It was the lovely summer of 2012. After spending some days at the Peace in the Middle East Rainbow Gathering in Tbeti, Georgia, I was hitchhiking back home to Armenia, when in the village of Ptghavan right after the Armenian-Georgian border I noticed a big board on the roadside that greeted everyone with a "Welcome to Armenia's Silk Road" sign in Armenian and English languages.

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